Reviews | Annie Viens Photographe in Montréal
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I am very proud of what my clients have to say! Below you will find a few reviews from previous clients.

Super nice pregnancy photo session with Annie! She can make us comfortable and guide us in order to get beautiful pictures! I strongly recommend it!
Thanks Annie!
-Audrée Léonard
Super sweet, smiling, welcoming, lots of material, beautiful dresses and a great set up!! Beautiful experience, beautiful pictures! Thank you!!
-Anouk Léger
Annie is a fantastic photographer! As soon as we arrive at the studio, she makes us comfortable and leads us to allow an optimal session while making sure baby is comfortable! Emily had 10 days of life when we had experience. I had a lot of fun watching Annie work with my baby, giving her different poses, making her try different accessories. I didn't see time pass and baby either, she slept throughout the session! And what to say pictures... they are beautiful, see magic! I couldn't choose so much they were all as exceptional as each other! A real artist!! I'm so happy to have had him as first photographer for my baby! We can't be disappointed!! I recommend x1000
-Naomie Dussault-Gagnon
A person to listen to the client,
Very professional and motivating,
Very creative and full of ideas,
Very generous for time!
-Francois Thibault
A memorable experience that I will certainly do again. Annie was able to immortalize the moment with sweetness and professionalism in her studio perfectly adapted for the children and the parents.
-Josianne Marcotte
Annie is such a wonderfully dedicated and talented photographer and quite the baby whisperer!!! She works patiently with you to transform your visions into reality. Thank you so so much Annie for capturing the most important moments in our lives in such a beautiful manner! You are truly the best!!!
-Monica Trozzo
I used Annie's service when my daughter was only 8 days old. Annie had prepared her studio so that my baby was not cold between changes of accessories and had even moved a space for diaper change and breastfeeding. Annie followed the baby's rhythm. Without her great patience, I wouldn't have had such successful pictures that have people from my family. A big thank you!!!
-Lisa Nguyen
I truly enjoyed my experience with Annie. She is a patient, creative and thorough artist. I am in love with the pictures she created of my newborn. A definite referral to all new parents!
-Mel Ann
Professional photographer who is listening and knows how to make us comfortable during the photo shoot and know how to highlight us. Sweetness and patience its qualifications to describe it with infants. I strongly recommend it!
-Roxane Beaudry-Bergeron
Had a great experience working with Annie! She is professional, creative, and works quickly. I loved so many of the pictures we took! Thank you Annie!
-Delphine Hudon-Brooks
Very devoted and makes you feel comfortable right away! Can’t wait to do more photos was a lovely experience! Thank you again!
-Jade N. Nepveu
Annie is an exceptional photographer! She captured the emotions and made them live in pictures.
She knows how to make her clients feel comfortable and have a golden patience with children.
Thank you Annie for this experience and memorable memories on paper!
Thank you Annie for this memorable photo session. You've managed to capture the energy and personality of each of the 6 members of our family. We often receive compliments on the beautiful mosaic that we created with them.
-Valerie Fortin
Annie is very professional and she knows how to make the smaller ones like the big ones. These pictures are beautiful! Do not hesitate to use its services for a pleasant photo shoot.
-Julie Rousseau
Great experience! It stands out by its professionalism and ability to trust us. Key elements that make your photo shoot turn into a immortalisation of a precious moment. Thank you, Annie.
-Annie Ouellette
Wow! Beautiful Photos and beautiful moments in the studio. To redo more often!
-Karine Boyer-Ouellette
Annie is the best photographer I’ve had try! She is such a natural takes the most beautiful and effortless looking pictures...
I will highly recommend her.
I was extremely happy with mine!
-Roberta Tarantino Diaz-Rivera
In addition to being a very nice person, Annie has made it easier to make the children even more active! Moreover, she is extremely professional and definitely has a lot of talent for photography. The result of our photo shoot has us! For hiring different photographers in the past, I can say with confidence that Annie is the best. Besides having spent a few hours having fun, we have memories for life.
-Elena Ryba
Wow! Talented Photographer!!! Annie knows how to capture special moments and especially memories that we will keep all life. Don't worry, even with the children who are constantly moving, she's successful in exceptional photos. In Studio or outside we have beautiful memories with you Annie ?.
Don't hesitate to contact her. She's just great.
-Dominique Benoit